Family Fitness Means Family Fun

Kids Riding A Bike

Families that do active things together are staying healthy while having fun. Family fitness is an excellent goal, especially with around-the-clock demands of work, smartphones, school, and daily life. Getting off the couch and moving is easier than you think, especially with these ideas:

Hit the Outdoors in the Fall

Autumn is a glorious time in every area of the country, and the weather is usually pretty accommodating for seeing the leaves change and having some family fun:

  • Walk to school with your kids
  • Walk after dinner, with or without a dog
  • Play some touch football, not just at Thanksgiving
  • Go hiking on the weekend
  • Visit a state park
  • Practice sports with your kids – soccer, lacrosse, basketball – whatever they play
  • Try dance lessons
  • Go horseback riding

Get Creative in the Winter

No matter where you live, you can still find things to do that are high-energy:

  • Play racquetball or indoor tennis
  • Join a gym with activities for all ages
  • Go bowling
  • Work out with fitness videos or smartphone apps
  • Crank the music and have a family cleanup – sweep, mop, and vacuum
  • Play in the snow – ski, sled, and have a snowball fight
  • If you have good weather, take a bike ride

Enjoy the Spring Season

Spring is so gorgeous! Even with rain showers, you can find some perfect fitness activities for your family.

  • Do some stretches and yoga poses
  • Try calisthenics like jumping jacks and pushups
  • Hit the mall for power walking and shopping
  • Take a new class, like kickboxing or karate
  • Go to the batting cages or play wiffle ball in the yard
  • Play hide and seek with the kids

Sweet Summertime

Summertime is the best time of the year for fitness, even if it’s hot, because everyone has more time on their hands.

  • Get everyone working in the yard and planting a garden
  • Swim laps and play games at the pool
  • Go on a camping trip
  • Organize a softball or kickball tournament
  • Build a treehouse or other family project
  • Have races with obstacle courses
  • Play putt-putt golf

Family fitness brings everyone closer and makes a healthy lifestyle a priority. Get going today and all year long!