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Customizing Your UltraSlide Lateral Trainer for a Personal Touch

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About Us Athletes love the UltraSlide lateral trainer for so many reasons. It’s effective, it’s versatile, it’s portable. But, did you know that there are many options for customizing your UltraSlide lateral trainer as well? Whether you want to add your name or your team mascot, you can truly make the slideboard your own with…

Easy Slideboard Exercises with UltraSlide

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Adding a slideboard to your workout is a great way to make your physical fitness routine more dynamic. There are many easy slideboard exercises you can practice in your home gym or fitness center with an UltraSlide, and we’re happy to share lateral exercises with you! Find out what moves we’ve rounded up for you…

UltraSlide Build Tough, Long-Lasting Slide Boards

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We know that athletes who buy our boards are looking for a product they can rely on well into the future for their conditioning workouts. That is why we deliver the highest quality lateral trainers available on the market. It’s our mission to help athletes and those looking to improve their physical health with quality…