Slide Board Excercises & Workouts

The UltraSlide provides a challenging aerobic, full-body workout.  Slide board exercises are designed to improve stability and strength in the quads, hamstrings, gluteal muscles and calves. However, above and beyond the basic movement, a side board can be used creatively to work each and every muscle in your body.

View some of our videos below for examples of challenging slide board workouts or purchase our fitness DVD for a fun and engaging program that includes over 50 different exercises that will help you achieve your fitness goals.

Please check out all of our other photos of the Ultraslides in use in our Facebook albums here.


10 Foot Ultraslide®


Check out the video below where Casey Stutzman, Head Trainer at Bay Athletic Club, demonstrates how the Ultraslide® can help anyone reach their elite performance, physical therapy or fitness goals! To view more videos, please visit our YouTube page.




In the next video, Danny Granger from the Indiana Pacers shows us his behind the scenes slide board workout.





In this video, Ben Wellenbach from Be Well Fitness ( demonstrates how to incorporate a medicine ball into the slideboard routine for increased core conditioning and strength.





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