Ultraslide® Fitness Fundamentals

Regardless of your preference for fitness or weight loss exercise, there is universal agreement that the nation's increased focus on getting active and preventing the onset of illness and disease is much needed. While the Ultraslide slideboard is widely used for sports performance training and conditioning, it can also help you meet individual fitness and weight loss goals in the comfort of your home.


Training on an Ultraslide provides a challenging aerobic workout. Lateral movements engage muscles that are not usually used in daily activities. The slideboard also functions as a toning device for the legs, gluteal, core, abdominal and upper body muscles. Runners, cyclists, triathletes, skiers, and other athletes rely on an Ultraslide for their off-season cross-training. Read about the many other health benefits of the Ultraslide on DietsInReview.com


The primary technique for the Ultraslide® is lateral sliding. The standard lateral sliding movement is a proven and effective way to strengthen a variety of muscles in a low impact way. However, there an innumerable amount of opportunities to add more challenging dimensions to your Ultraslide slideboard home fitness program. Whether you are new to the Ultraslide or more experienced and need some tips on how to challenge yourself, try one of these variations.



Experiment with Sliding Distance

Ultraslide slideboards are built to accommodate three different sliding distances allowing you to adjust the available sliding space based on your fitness goals. Shorter distances are most effective for cardiovascular workouts because of the quick reaction and change in direction. Longer distances support rehabilitation and muscle conditioning because of the need to engage simultaneous muscle groups to maintain extension of form and speed. If you're just getting started, perfect your form and establish a baseline with the shorter sliding distance. As performance improves, increase your distance.





Build Your Endurance with Interval Training

By design, the Ultraslide is a more innovative way to increase cardiovascular endurance without reaching physical fatigue too quickly. Interval training is one of the best ways to increase endurance because of its intermittent breaks which allow the body to recover and relaunch with power. Strength & Conditioning expert Mike Boyle of Body by Boyle recommends the following interval training routine:


10-Minute Interval Workout: slide for 30 seconds and rest for 1 minute (7 times)

      As you become more familiar with slideboard training, increase the intensity and slide for 30 seconds to 1:30 seconds and rest for 2-3 times the sliding interval.




Incorporate Weight Into Your Slideboard Workout

If you are experiencing a weight loss or training plateau, incorporate weight training into your slideboard workout to increase the resistance. If you're new to using weights in your slideboard workouts, consider reducing your slide times and increase the duration over time until you become more comfortable with the weight. There are three easy ways to do this:

Ankle Weights - Wear strap-on ankle weights during your normal lateral sliding routine. Be sure to maintain the proper sliding posture at all times.

Weight Vest - Mike Boyle recommends wearing a 10-lb. weight vest during your sliding routine. The same rules apply for maintaining posture and adjusting your routine based on your ability.
      Using Dumbbells - Start with a weight that you can sustain throughout the workout. The amount of the weight is not as important as your ability to maintain it. Hold the weights at chest height, tighten your core and complete your standard slide workout.


  • Designed for home use
  • Total length is 7 feet
  • New molded bumpers made from 100% recycled plastic
  • Bumpers can be adjusted to achieve 4, 5 and 6 feet sliding distances
  • Can be used on carpet or hard floor
  • Weighs 42 lbs (19 kgs)
  • Includes pair of Slide Slippers
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